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Revealed Recordings frontman, Hardwell, recently embarked on his Revealed Canadian Bus Tour, along with label-mates Dannic and Dyro, armed with a film crew to capture all that happens on the road – the good, the bad, and the unbelievable. The aftermovie provides viewers with a behind-the-scenes perspective that showcases everything from the personalities of Hardwell, Dannic, and Dyro to their antics both on-stage and off, as well as a special tour bus edition of MTV Cribs. Hop in for a ride of a lifetime running through the incredible 12-date journey through Canada and everywhere in between. As premiered last night at MTV US’ Clubland

In the Revealed Canadian Bus Tour aftermovie, Hardwell, Dannic, and Dyro, display their personable appeal as they allow viewers to have an exclusive look through the lenses of Go Pro HD cameras, which are, at times, in the point of view of the artists themselves. In addition to the explosive footage of them rocking massive dance floors, stage diving, and partying, they relate to viewers on a ground level where they maintain a down-to-earth vibe by joking around just like the rest of us. The action-packed aftermovie serves as a graphic visualization of the whole spectrum of life on tour and nothing less.

Hardwell, Dannic, and Dyro would like to thank the Canadian crowd for an unforgettable experience!

Information about Dyro’s “Leprechauns & Unicorns”
After a landmark year at the forefront of his craft and the ardent support of Dada Life, Laidback Luke and Hardwell alike, Dutch peak timer Dyro returns in top form for 2013 with latest Revealed Recordings offering “Leprechauns and Unicorns”. His triumphant return to Hardwell’s imprint acts as the soundtrack to the labels forthcoming Canadian Bus Tour video, proving that despite the tracks mythically themed title, there is nothing fictitious about Dyro’s presence upon modern dance music. Slowly building with an old-school progressive hook, “Leprechauns and Unicorns” scales various degrees of pitch and tempo before climaxing with a devastating drop, shaking expectations with one of the most striking peak team apexes of the year that destroys the club every time. 2013 looks to be the year that Dyro ascends the high of the industry, brandishing razor-sharp productions and that outstanding ability to make the crowd move every time.